Here are some common questions about our services

There is an item I really want, but you don’t have it, what can I do?

In addition to providing a large inventory of luxury goods for immediate delivery, through our extensive network of resources in the fine art, luxury goods and automobile world, we can source anything you ask for. Simply Contact Us, let us know what you want and we will handle the rest.

I value my privacy, how do you protect it?

The privacy of our clients is of paramount importance. We offer the most secure and private ways to communicate, through the Telegram App or Signal, in addition to standard email, phone and text. In this manner, we can handle the whole transaction securely, without the client having to disclose any information at all other than the delivery method they want for their item.

Do you ship overseas and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world, using your preferred delivery method.

How do clients pay for items?

We accept  Bitcoin, Ethereum and  Litecoin, as well as $USD. Once we confirm the delivery instructions and price for your item, we will provide with a cryptocurrency payment address. As soon as funds are received, the items will be delivered ASAP.

How do I know I will get my items?

For clients who request a sales contract, we will provide a legally binding document ensuring delivery. All contracts and our client’s information are kept strictly confidential.

For clients who wish to completely preserve their anonymity and do not wish to execute a sales contract or reveal their identities, our reputation, and experience in the industry ensure the success of each and every sale.

Do clients have to pay in Bitcoin/cryptocurrency?

While our focus is on enabling clients to purchase luxury goods and fine art with cryptocurrency, we certainly accept $USD. Please inquire about an item and we can provide a $USD price as well.

I am interested in selling an item for Bitcoin, do you buy?

Yes, please Contact Us to discuss a sale of your item. In some cases, we may purchase items outright, or facilitate the sale with another buyer, ensuring anonymity and a smooth, secure transaction.