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    "While the ethereum people are more likely to be being paying their mom's rent," she said Bitcoin cash "is used for things like Beyonce and Jay-Z World Tour tickets, or people throwing parties on Greek Islands and buying Dom Perignon," she explained.

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    This week we have the pleasure of sharing our interview with Elizabeth White, founder & CEO of the White Company, and co-founder Edgar Radjabli. The White Company was founded in 2017 to provide the opportunity for clients holding cryptocurrency to purchase luxury goods without giving up their desire for privacy. As the business grew, it became evident to The White Company that there was a tremendous need for asset management and payment facilitation in cryptocurrencies. Last year, they announced the development of the White Standard, a fee-less, centralized stablecoin backed by fiat, as well as a payment solution in partnership with hedge fund Apis Capital.

  • Bloomberg

    Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company, on using cryptocurrency to pay for luxury good and experiences. She speaks on Bloomberg Markets with Pimm Fox and Bob Ivry.

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    The White Company, a cryptocurrency concierge and luxury marketplace, has surpassed $100 million in cryptocurrency converted into real world items. Since launching in 2017, over 25,000 transactions have taken place for goods including Lamborghinis, pieces of rare art, global excursions and conversions to fiat.

  • The Daily Hodl

    The company just hit the $100-million mark in cryptocurrency sales after a string of blockbuster purchases including Lamborghinis and artwork. The White Company has given Bitcoin major mainstream appeal, cultivating a high-end clientele and redefining the world’s number one cryptocurrency as a store of value for people who enjoy culture, world-class entertainment, outstanding engineering and exquisite goods.

  • Entrepreneur

    One small company that is dabbling in stablecoin is The White Company, a fine art and luxury goods dealer that allows purchases via cryptocurrency, from Super Bowl suite tickets to Lamborghinis. CEO Elizabeth White launched the White Standard, a stablecoin, in early June, so clients could convert their money to and from cryptocurrency more directly.

  • Bitcoinist

    The White Company describes itself as being “purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency world” and if their website is anything to go by, this is exactly what they do. The platform sells extremely high-end products such as valuable art, diamonds, and Lamborghinis.

  • The South China Morning Post

    White says she has a growing number of clients in Asia, especially in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, where “many people invested early in bitcoin ahead of the 2017 market boom and are looking for ways to spend their crypto wealth.”

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    The White Standard Company, which traditionally has dealt in the buying and selling of luxury goods, has branched into cryptocurrencies in a bid to offer anonymity services for its high net worth clientele. However, whilst cryptocurrencies can offer anonymity, they rarely offer stability. As a result, White Standard has now minted its so-called WSD crypto-coin which is issued on a one-to-one par with the US dollar.

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    "Now is the time for blockchain to be a true equalizer. More and more women are looking to enter the space, and channels such as Reddit and Twitter are incredibly valuable places to meet like-minded individuals. I try to attend as many events, conferences and meetups as possible, always wanting to learn more, meet new people and suggest that to be an easy way to enter the space. It’s not easy to breakout in industries typically dominated by men, but understanding as much as you can about the subject and having the confidence to join a debate, while meeting people with different backgrounds and expertise are great steps any woman can take."

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    In May, luxury crypto concierge service The White Company started accepting Bitcoin Cash, alongside BTC, LTC and ETH.

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    Though the litigators used most legal channels available to them, the case’s success was perhaps due more to Bittrex’s willingness to cooperate than any legal maneuvering. Sauter noted that working with the cryptocurrency exchange company, they were able to freeze the assets of the alleged fraudster “on a timeline that happened more quickly than probably would have if we had gotten a temporary restraining order. By that time, those assets might have been long gone.”

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    "Never get discouraged — Most of my life has been spent in male-dominated industries. It was tough to break through in the auto and racing world, but through pure perseverance I was able to make my mark. The crypto world is no different. Women need to take credit for their work, not be afraid to get involved and engage in the important dialogues occurring both online and in-person at conferences, events and meet-ups."

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    Ms.White’s lawsuits is notable as it is the only case known where a private plaintiff was able to obtain a judgment for fraud with cryptocurrency assets. The lawsuit also demonstrates how individuals and companies were able to locate and execute judgment of the return of the stolen crypto in question with out legal assistance. Since the lawsuit was filed, several other people came forward as victims of similar circumstance involving Cointal hoping to receive their slice of justice.

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    "Surround yourself with brilliant and positive people — coming from more of a business background rather than a tech one, I had to ensure I surrounded myself with the best team possible to launch The White Company and our recent White Standard and White Wallet. Make relationships and network with those who have different strengths than yourself. In the Wild West of crypto, people need to stick together and build lasting teams that can weather whatever storms may arise."

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    The victory for White sets a whole new precedent on how to get your cryptocurrency assets back when illegally lost. It shows that law courts are now a very viable means of recovering lost cryptocurrency funds.

  • Cheddar

    In this week's episode of The Crypto Craze, Cheddar's Nora Ali and Brad Smith discuss the biggest stories from the crypto world with CEO of The White Company Elizabeth White.

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    Since White filed earlier this year, dozens of Cointal victims have come forward with similar experiences. White is using her success to help others retrieve stolen funds. This incident which occurred late last year was a turning point for White as she realized there was a lack of trusted and transparent marketplaces in the crypto space. Earlier this month she launched her own platform, fit with a USD-backed stablecoin, the White Standard, and accompanying White Wallet.

  • Washington Examiner

    White, the globe-trotting luxury goods specialist, is in the process of unveiling a stablecoin, with a dollar backing each "white standard" issued, giving investors security if other markets are tanking, or a deposit box for goods.

  • Business Insider

    The ability to cash in digital assets for real-world goods is an important and validating function for cryptocurrencies, says White. "It all goes back to offering cryptocurrency holders something they need," she says. "They need the ability to purchase something in the real world with their digital wealth."

  • The Sydney Morning Herald

    Unlike ether and bitcoin, which have both been historically traded as a method of speculation, the “White Standard” is a “stable coin” – a digital token with the chief goal of serving as a means of digital commerce. White says that each White Standard, which are built on the blockchain application Stellar, will be backed by an American dollar, ensuring that the coins maintain a real-world value.

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    A Lamborghini epitomizes the dream wealth for many crypto owners. The rise of cryptocurrencies has seen many turn to overnight millionaires and with the new found wealth, many crypto owners seem to always desire one thing, a Lamborghini at least if popular trends on crypto forums are to be believed. While this is just a distant fantasy for many, one woman has made it her job to bring this dream to reality for crypto investors. She can actually get you a Lambo with crypto coins. The lady who is making this possible is Elizabeth White who decided to leverage her connections with hedge funds and the racecar industry to turn this dream into reality for crypto owners.

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    "We had a very large sale to a buyer in China from a seller in California for a US$4 million car," says White. "The negotiation was very quick. It took less than a week and the settlement took about 30 minutes." White says her company, called "the White Company," can handle such fast-paced deals in a mix of fiat and digital currencies because of the liquidity of the hedge fund, Apis Capital Management, with which she works.

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    From a Porsche, a McLaren, a Super Bowl suite, to a luxury yacht and that big rock of an engagement ring; White is turning virtual into real, and at the snap of a finger. She jumped into this space to solve an irony that many crypto-currency Richie Rich-s faced – how to transform digital-wealth into a real-world luxury thing!

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    Elizabeth White is living the crypto dream - she transformed the “when Lambo” meme into a full-time job, facilitating deals for the Italian luxury car in exchange for cryptocurrencies in a matter of days. But now, the CEO of White Company is talking about launching their own cryptocurrency called “the White Standard”.

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    Cryptocurrency firm The White Company has found a new way to mix luxury with financial technology on its ecosystem through White Standard stablecoins and White Wallet.

  • Oracle Times

    The company aims to provide a safe and reliable marketplace for crypto investors, and it’s committed to offering the most transparent, trusted and privacy-based marketplace in the crypto space. Its White Company Capital asset management division allows for investments in tokenized hedge funds and offers enhanced fluidity to the crypto holders in the whole world. The White Company’s entire ecosystem is built on a firm foundation that lacks risk, expense and volatility and it's instead based on stability, transparency, and increased security – the main elements for success in the crypto space.

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    Currently, there are more than 100,000 merchants that have moved towards accepting payments made with Bitcoin Cash, the most recent of which was luxury crypto concierge The White Company.

  • Bitcoin.com

    This business is filling the market niche for services to those rich customers who want to acquire luxurious items, like private jets, Lamborghinis, and famous artworks, in a more discreet way. That’s why the White Company accepts only cryptocurrency.

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    The New York based, White Company, the leading luxury cryptocurrency concierge service has announced that they now accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The White Company is famous for providing the super-rich crypto holders with access to luxury brands; ranging from artworks, watches, jewelry, clothing, and Lamborghinis too.

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    This business has grown exponentially in a little over a year as has Bitcoin Cash since its inception even more recently in August last year. Bitcoin Cash is now pleased to be a payment option on her dynamic and ground-breaking company.

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    Luxury cryptocurrency concierge service, the White Company, is helping the crypto-rich access everything from priceless artwork to Lamborghinis.

  • Coin Geek

    The White Company only sells in cryptocurrency, giving them a distinctive edge in the space. Especially following the unprecedented growth in cryptocurrency wealth over the last 12 to 18 months, and the parallel growth of Bitcoin Cash since it forked from the BTC chain in August 2017, White has described the partnership as the logical next step in the development of her business.

  • British Vogue

    In New York, Elizabeth White is the founder of the luxurious service of the crypto concierge of the White Company (not to be confused with the British street candles). The former head of LVMH and Formula 1 says that she exposes 24 hours a day from customers in South Korea, Canada, China and the UK, everyone wants to keep the contents of their digital wallets. On her website, the inventory includes unique works by Peter Beard deign gold bars, superyachts and Rolexes with limited circulation, all ready and waiting for the purchase of crypto.

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    Tại New York, Elizabeth White là người sáng lập công ty dịch vụ crypto của White Company (không nên nhầm lẫn với các cửa hàng bán bánh nướng đường phố của Anh).

  • Hollywood News

    In New York, Elizabeth White is the founding father of luxurious crypto concierge service.

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    What about if you don’t fancy taking a trip to Tokyo to select the supercar of your dreams? Well, The White Company is a name you’ll want to remember. This high-end product marketplace deals in everything, promising to deliver its stocked items all around the world. With that in mind, this Lamborghini Huracan might be of interest to high rolling petrol heads. Speaking of The White Company, while this store dabbles in everything, it seems to place a special focus on art. When you take the time to browse through The White Company’s vast product catalog, you’re going to find various pieces of both modern art and fine art. Whether it’s this rather adult piece from Michael Dweck or something more surreal from Peter Beard, if you have a cultured taste and BTC to spend, there is plenty here to enjoy. It should also be noted that it isn’t just The White Company that’ll let you buy art with BTC.

  • Bitcoin.com News

    Art purchased with bitcoin, however, has been steadily getting more attention. Last year, a painting by Mark Flood, Select a Victim, was auctioned through The White Company for $100,000 in the decentralized currency.


    As the worth of Bitcoin has soared, now-wealthy early adopters square measure searching for ways that to pay their digital cash – and therefore the luxury market is that the place to try and do it. Olivia Marks explores the planet of cryptocurrencies and also the super wealthy.

  • Yahoo Finance

    While cryptocurrency trading has long evaded the purview of regulators and courts alike, its days as the Wild West of finance may be coming to an end. Still, in such a fast-evolving industry, scams can be rampant, and it’s not always clear how to fight back against potentially anonymous traders using exchange platforms registered all around the world. Elizabeth White, CEO of the White Company, actively pursues and exposes fraudsters in the cryptocurrency space, seeking it to make it safer and better for everyone.