• Naira Coins

    A New York company has offered its customers a new discrete means of payment of luxury goods and fine art via bitcoin.

  • Luxury Daily

    Over the past few weeks, bitcoin’s value has fluctuated severely, dropping 50 percent in one day only to rebound to a greater price than ever before. While the fluctuations may make some wary of investing, luxury brands seem to be confident in the use of bitcoin no matter what the headlines say about it.

  • Washington Examiner

    “There’s so much newfound wealth and people are finding it troublesome to change it,” White told the Washington Examiner. “A lot of people want to stay private and anonymous and if that’s what they want to do, I want to assist them in transitioning their cryptocurrency into luxury goods.”

  • Business Magazine [Albania]

    “The White Company“, kompania e shitjes së sendeve luksoze, do të “furnizojë” klientët e saj me sende nga arti tek makinat. Këto të mira të shtrenjta do të mund të paguhen me Bitcoin dhe të dërgohen kudo në botë. E gjitha kjo, në anonimitet të plotë. Ndërkohë, vetë kompania thotë se ka arritur të realizojë një numër të konsiderueshëm shitjesh.

  • Infocoin.net [Spain]

    Los ricos de Crypto finalmente tienen una manera de salpicar su efectivo digital. The White Company, “proveedores de lujo para el mundo de la criptomoneda”, proporcionará a los compradores todo, desde bellas artes hasta automóviles finos. Los productos de alta gama pueden pagarse de forma anónima en criptomonedas y entregarse en cualquier parte del mundo. La compañía afirma que ya ha concluido una serie de ventas importantes.

  • Ifanr [China]

    [Translated from Chinese] A few days ago, Valve The company announced The game, Steam no longer support the payment platform using bitcoin, because the encryption of fluctuations in the value of money is too big, too high transaction costs. Although it can not Nabite coins to buy the game, but you can use it to buy a car of this kind of art and high value products. The White Company said The United States, they recently completed the first bitcoin transaction currency trading in modern art.

  • LinkedIn

    There are merely a few days left to celebrate Xmas. Since Christmas is all about giving, so what’s on your mind to gift your crypto-loving friend? The Internet is flooded with great ideas for gifts for bitcoin lovers that can be bought from fiat currencies. But how about your bitcoins that you want to make use on this Christmas? Not everyone accepts bitcoins and this narrows down the options to buy gifts out of them.

  • Bitcoin Exchange Guide

    The White Company is a high-end retail company. They sell a wide range of products that people can purchase at their store. They don’t just sell high-end products however, the thing that sets them apart from other retail stores online – The White Company only accepts Bitcoin, as it’s payment method It’s a store that is designed to give people in the crypto-world, a place to go that is completely safe and secure for them to buy quality products with their coin.

  • BTC Manager

    In the past, bitcoin has always reached high prices around the holiday season. This has led to an increase in purchasing power, allowing users to purchase gifts with less bitcoin of the cryptocurrency. Below are a couple of ideas with what to spend some of the gains many users are enjoying from cryptocurrencies very bullish trend as of late.

  • The Fashion Law

    American artist Mark Flood is making headlines. As of this past week, his 2013 painting, entitled, "Select a Victim," became the first artwork to be purchased in the U.S. exclusively using Bitcoin. An unidentified Canadian buyer paid a New York-based luxury firm $100,000 – or what was then 12.3 Bitcoin – for the painting, and the deal was completed in total anonymity thanks to the use of the cryptocurrency.

  • HypeBeast

    The first major Bitcoin art purchase in America was equivalent to $100,000 USD.

  • Bitcoin News

    According to behavioral science, experiences make people happier than stuff. Instead of treating your bitcoin beloved to yet another gadget or gizmo, why not purchase them an experience they’ll remember fondly for a long time? The White Company will furnish you with a luxury trip to the Monaco Grand Prix, where you can watch the race from a VIP yacht...

  • Bitcoin News

    Crypto’s nouveau rich finally have a way to splash their digital cash. The White Company, “purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency world” will furnish buyers with everything from fine art to fine automobiles. The high-end goods can be paid for anonymously in cryptocurrency and delivered anywhere in the world. The company claims to have already concluded a number of major sales.

  • Business Insider

    American artist Mark Flood's painting was the first art piece to be purchased with Bitcoin in the US. When it sold last week in New York for 12.3 BTC (equivalent to $100,000). The White Company, a purveyor of fine art and luxury goods which specializes in working with clients in the cryptocurrency space sold the piece. "Select a Victim", the 2013 painting by Mr. Flood was offered privately to a Canadian citizen who wishes to remain anonymous.