• Thrive Global

    “The cryptocurrency boom has created a new asset class, bringing forward newly wealthy individuals who were experimenting with mining bitcoin or buying various coins in the early days. Usability is one thing really holding crypto back from mainstream adoption and is exactly what we’re addressing at The White Company."

  • NullTX

    The White Company, launched just last year, is a luxury e-commerce vendor that accepts Bitcoin in exchange for luxuries like Lamborghini’s and other supercars, rare artwork, exclusive events, and much more. In just its first year of operation, The White Company has already seen over 25,000 transactions and over US$100 million worth of BTC exchanged through purchases. The largest sale through the company was a Ferrari for US$4 million.

  • Glossy

    “I believe that cryptocurrency is absolutely the future. While we anticipate that the crypto-wealthy holding bitcoin and other cryptos will continue to want to use their assets, we think the real advantage of cryptocurrency is the ability to instantly pay anyone, anywhere, nearly for free,” she said.

  • BuzzFeed

    In less than a year The White Company has transacted in over $100 million USD to real world goods including the purchases of 50 plus automobiles. The company is now working with auction houses and car dealerships to assist with more cyptocurrency purchases internationally. When bidders at the annual Bonhams car auction begin raising their paddles for the classic and exotic Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Bugattis, or calling in their offers from China, Dubai and Turkey, they will this year be able to close their sales quickly for the first time using cryptocurrency via The White Company.

  • Forbes

    Shifting to a compliance angle, the team behind the project is well-founded. Backing the project is lamborghini trader and Founder of the company, Elizabeth White. White has worked with luxury brands around the world including Formula 1 and McLaren Automotive for over twelve years. Among the transactions she's handled are deals for Super Bowl suites, yachts, honeymoons, luxury fashion items, and engagement rings.

  • The Daily Hodl

    The White Company, “purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency world,” are offering up the official vessel of the crypto gods: a Lamborghini. This isn’t just your everyday, working man’s Lamborghini. It’s the new Aventador LP-750-4 SV Roadster, the fastest Lambo ever made, according to roadandtrack.com.

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    “The sales that we see, outside of the ones we facilitate, are by sellers who are also investors in crypto and are willing to accept the volatility as they plan to hold for the long haul and don’t have any cost of goods or expenses.”

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    The Stellar-White Company-Fintech Ltd partnership marks another major stride forward for the international money transfers upstart. The aim is to introduce euro, GBP and USD withdrawals and deposits via White Standard (WSD) stable coins. The initial platform for this much-wanted service will consist of an exchange built by Stellar with Fintech Ltd’s Interstellar Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and wallet.

  • ThirtyK

    Last week, The White Company announced it would be working with Fintech Ltd, a Cameroon-based company whose Interstellar Decentralized Exchange platform (based on the Stellar network) will provide an exchange and wallet. The company also said it was introducing pound- and euro-backed white standard stablecoins, which will be available for purchase and retrieval on the Interstellar protocol.

  • Medium

    Elizabeth White, the founder of the White Company, along with co-founder Edgar Radjabli run a multi-pronged company that values trust and efficiency, which aims to bring cryptocurrency based payment solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide . With the backing of the hedge fund Apis Capital Management and WSD pegged to the US dollar, the team is able to bring efficient fiat transfers to Stellar and have recently added GBP (WSP) and EUR (WSE) pegged pairings as well.

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    Fintech LTD is a DEX built on the financial centric Stellar Network and with a stable coin, WSD, Stellar Lumens (XLM) owners can now convert their coins to fiat—USD, Euro and GBP, without the need of a third party.

  • Forbes

    According to Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company., which makes a market that enables cryptocurrency holders in the luxury goods space, the number-one car among this crowd of crypto-wealth is Lamborghini.

  • FT Reporter

    From this year, crypto enthusiasts will be able to quickly close deals by bidding with cryptocurrencies. This is only possible thanks to The White Company and its CEO Elizabeth White. The White Company bridges the gap between cryptocurrency holders and exotic cars markets, serving as a mediator between buyers and sellers. White, notes that Lamborghini is crypto millionaires’ top choice when it comes to luxurious automobiles.

  • Stable Report

    The White Company and Fintech Ltd announce a partnership bringing USD, GBP and Euro fiat deposits and withdrawals via White Standard stable coins. Fintech’s Interstellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform will be the first Stellar DEX-based exchange and wallet to provide this much needed service. The White Standard (WSD) is the first and only $USD stablecoin built on the Stellar protocol, 100% backed by deposits that are third party audited monthly.

  • Bitcoin Exchange Guide

    The White Standard is currently the only U.S. dollar stablecoin built on the Stellar network. Interstellar is an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX) platform and cryptocurrency wallet launched in 2017 and powered by the Stellar protocol. It currently offers users access to trading in five major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar Lumens and Litecoin. By partnering with the White Company and integrating the White Standard stablecoins, Interstellar will be able to offer traders access to instant withdrawals, deposits and transfer through the WS stablecoins.

  • Crypto Disrupt

    Bonhams, one of the world’s largest and most renowned luxury motor car auctioneers, is to accept cryptocurrency payments. For the first time, bidders at this year’s exclusive motor car auction event will have the option to close the sale of eye-wateringly expensive Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys and other luxury motors with six-figure price tags, using cryptocurrency.

  • blokt.com

    Stellar’s new partner has an unusual background in that they are primarily a platform for luxury purchases using cryptocurrencies. Its interest in stable Stellar transaction stems from the need to provide a reliable payment method for large purchases.

  • Ripple News

    The White Company and Fintech Ltd recently announced a partnership which aims at bringing USD, GBP and Euro fiat deposits and withdrawals service to the users. As a result of the partnership, the created platform will become the first Stellar DEX-based exchange and wallet which will actually offer such a service.

  • Crypto Newz

    White says that one of the great benefits of using cryptocurrency for a task like this is because it works as a global currency. It makes it more viable for situations of auctions where you see bidders from all around the world there to take the experience and something even more worthy, like a Lamborghini.

  • ICO Examiner

    The two new Stellar-powered stablecoins – WSP (GB Pound) and WSE (Euro) – will join the existing WSD (US Dollar) and will be fully-backed, it is claimed, by secure reserves of each respective fiat currency and hold a 1-to-1 exchange value. Users will deposit USD, GBP or Euro via The White Company and receive WSD, WSP or WSE with no fees incurred.

  • Oracle Times

    In a cryptosphere where there are very few options for crypto traders and investors to purchase or redeem in fiat, The White Company and Fintech Ltd team up to bring USD, GBP and Euro fiat deposits and withdrawals via White Standard stable coins.

  • BC Focus

    White Standard or WSD facilitates transaction not just with efficiency and instantly, it also seamlessly integrate into the Stellar DEX and the prevailing ecosystem of Stellar. The White Wallet is under the supervision of the White Company which provides service to the users involving sending, receiving, purchasing and selling of WSD with other digital and fiat currencies.

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    Known for its fast transaction speeds and low friction payments, the Stellar network offers users tools for value exchange across borders. On Aug. 23, The White Company and Fintech’s Interstellar joined forces to bring users seamless foreign currency withdrawals and deposits via a new stablecoin.

  • Thirty K

    “Our goal is to unleash crypto’s real-world potential, and this partnership with Interstellar is the first of many steps in not just bringing the White Standard stablecoins to the masses, while increasing the ease for consumers to purchase Stellar lumens (XLM)” with dollars, pounds and euros, Elizabeth White, CEO, said in a company press release.

  • Business Insider

    The White Standard (WSD) is the first and only $USD stable coin built on the Stellar protocol, 100% backed by deposits that are third party audited monthly. WSD provides instant and efficient transactions and easy integration into the existing Stellar ecosystem and the Stellar DEX. The White Company also operates the White Wallet platform, which is a service enabling users to buy, sell, send and receive WSD with fiat and other cryptocurrencies. Building on the success of WSD, The White Company is also launching GBP-backed (WSP) and Euro-backed (WSE) stable coins, which will be available for purchase and redemption on Interstellar.

  • Coin Desk

    "While the ethereum people are more likely to be being paying their mom's rent," she said Bitcoin cash "is used for things like Beyonce and Jay-Z World Tour tickets, or people throwing parties on Greek Islands and buying Dom Perignon," she explained.

  • Stable Report

    This week we have the pleasure of sharing our interview with Elizabeth White, founder & CEO of the White Company, and co-founder Edgar Radjabli. The White Company was founded in 2017 to provide the opportunity for clients holding cryptocurrency to purchase luxury goods without giving up their desire for privacy. As the business grew, it became evident to The White Company that there was a tremendous need for asset management and payment facilitation in cryptocurrencies. Last year, they announced the development of the White Standard, a fee-less, centralized stablecoin backed by fiat, as well as a payment solution in partnership with hedge fund Apis Capital.

  • Bloomberg

    Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company, on using cryptocurrency to pay for luxury good and experiences. She speaks on Bloomberg Markets with Pimm Fox and Bob Ivry.

  • BuzzFeed

    Financial institution envy. We need banks and other financial institutions to work with the industry to ensure true adoption. Many are working with technologies such as Ripple, but we need to encourage synergy. Bitcoin and other decentralized projects can of course exist in line with centralized projects and traditional banks — it’s just about educating both the consumer and institutional market on crypto’s many benefits. - Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company

  • Coingeek

    The White Company, a cryptocurrency concierge and luxury marketplace, has surpassed $100 million in cryptocurrency converted into real world items. Since launching in 2017, over 25,000 transactions have taken place for goods including Lamborghinis, pieces of rare art, global excursions and conversions to fiat.

  • The Daily Hodl

    The company just hit the $100-million mark in cryptocurrency sales after a string of blockbuster purchases including Lamborghinis and artwork. The White Company has given Bitcoin major mainstream appeal, cultivating a high-end clientele and redefining the world’s number one cryptocurrency as a store of value for people who enjoy culture, world-class entertainment, outstanding engineering and exquisite goods.

  • Entrepreneur

    One small company that is dabbling in stablecoin is The White Company, a fine art and luxury goods dealer that allows purchases via cryptocurrency, from Super Bowl suite tickets to Lamborghinis. CEO Elizabeth White launched the White Standard, a stablecoin, in early June, so clients could convert their money to and from cryptocurrency more directly.

  • Bitcoinist

    The White Company describes itself as being “purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency world” and if their website is anything to go by, this is exactly what they do. The platform sells extremely high-end products such as valuable art, diamonds, and Lamborghinis.

  • The South China Morning Post

    White says she has a growing number of clients in Asia, especially in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, where “many people invested early in bitcoin ahead of the 2017 market boom and are looking for ways to spend their crypto wealth.”

  • ICO Examiner

    The White Standard Company, which traditionally has dealt in the buying and selling of luxury goods, has branched into cryptocurrencies in a bid to offer anonymity services for its high net worth clientele. However, whilst cryptocurrencies can offer anonymity, they rarely offer stability. As a result, White Standard has now minted its so-called WSD crypto-coin which is issued on a one-to-one par with the US dollar.

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    "Now is the time for blockchain to be a true equalizer. More and more women are looking to enter the space, and channels such as Reddit and Twitter are incredibly valuable places to meet like-minded individuals. I try to attend as many events, conferences and meetups as possible, always wanting to learn more, meet new people and suggest that to be an easy way to enter the space. It’s not easy to breakout in industries typically dominated by men, but understanding as much as you can about the subject and having the confidence to join a debate, while meeting people with different backgrounds and expertise are great steps any woman can take."

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    In May, luxury crypto concierge service The White Company started accepting Bitcoin Cash, alongside BTC, LTC and ETH.

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    Though the litigators used most legal channels available to them, the case’s success was perhaps due more to Bittrex’s willingness to cooperate than any legal maneuvering. Sauter noted that working with the cryptocurrency exchange company, they were able to freeze the assets of the alleged fraudster “on a timeline that happened more quickly than probably would have if we had gotten a temporary restraining order. By that time, those assets might have been long gone.”

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    "Never get discouraged — Most of my life has been spent in male-dominated industries. It was tough to break through in the auto and racing world, but through pure perseverance I was able to make my mark. The crypto world is no different. Women need to take credit for their work, not be afraid to get involved and engage in the important dialogues occurring both online and in-person at conferences, events and meet-ups."

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    Ms.White’s lawsuits is notable as it is the only case known where a private plaintiff was able to obtain a judgment for fraud with cryptocurrency assets. The lawsuit also demonstrates how individuals and companies were able to locate and execute judgment of the return of the stolen crypto in question with out legal assistance. Since the lawsuit was filed, several other people came forward as victims of similar circumstance involving Cointal hoping to receive their slice of justice.